Threaded body cylinders with piston rod thread

Threaded body cylinders with piston rod thread

This cylinder construction with double acting function saves space 

when built into fixture plates or into plates of plastic injection moulds. 

The double-acting function makes cycledependant strokes possible when 

retracting and extending the piston. The operation times can be calculated 

from the possible flow rate of the power unit and the operated piston or ring

area volume.

Unlike with single acting cylinders both stroke directions are power operated.

On the piston rod end the cylinders are equipped with a retractable wiper 

made of NBR and an additional metal wiper. 

The metal wiper prevents the penetration of chips into the soft wiper and in

this way the piston is prevented from jamming. This preventive measure 

protects the seals and increases the service life of the cylinder.