Coupling elements, mechanisms/nipples, ND 3/5/8/12

Coupling elements, mechanisms/nipples, ND 3/5/8/12

Couplings are used to prevent leakage when transmitting liquid or gaseous 

mediums. The couplingelements are special mounting parts which are built

directly into an accommodation housing.

The system seal (axial seal) between coupling mechanism and coupling 

nipple acts axially and is placed in the coupling mechanism.

This designing makes it possible to have positioning tolerances and 

both coupling elements are compact. HYDROKOMP supplies two kinds of

coupling elements for pressurized coupling and for depressurized coupling. 

The materials are stainless and able to transfer air, liquids and vacuum. 

Special materials are available for aggressive liquids. The coupling

mechanism is always combined with a coupling nipple. Various design 

possibilities are available.