Multiple coupling systems

 Multiple coupling systems

Multiple coupling systems are predominantly used in differend machine

tools where they serve as the interface for media transmission between

the fixture pallet and the loading and unloading station or the machining 

station. The structure of the coupling systems is based on the built-in 

coupling elements according to data sheet 100-3. These are integrated

into a common plate in a very compact and functional manner.

HYDROKOMP offers its own subassemblies or designs customerspecific

systems in coordination with the user. Applications have been successfully

designed in other areas of engineering, such as handling technology and 

robotics, and in the construction of moulds and dies.

One of the functional advantages of HYDROKOMP’s coupling systems 

due to the fact that the coupling elements can be coupled either only 

when depressurised or when pressurised up to maximum operating

pressure, whichever is chosen. If systems are used that can be coupled

under pressure, it is, for example, possible to effect a pressure change 

to the clamping pressure during machining, which is not possible 

when pilot-controlled check valves are used in the clamping line.