Workpiece Carrier

Workpiece Carrier

Linear Transport Module

The precise Linear Transport Module LTM

  • High cycle times, flexible step lengths, uniform movements
  • 8 - 33 workpiece carriers which are accessible from the top and the bottom
  • Controlled and driven by commercially available servo controllers and motors
  • Manufacturers of commercially available compatible drives and servo controllers



The LTM is a fast-pulsed Linear Transport Module which allows high machine performances depending on the design of the pick and place stations. The LTM stands out for its high precision and speed, uniform movement, high mechanical resilience, flexible step lengths and module widths as well as different standard lengths. The time for the transport of the workpiece carriers is reduced to a minimum resulting in a longer processing time for the application itself. The empty workpiece carriers move back on the underside of the Linear Transport Module with minimum space requirements. Depending on the working length the LTM can be fitted with 8 - 33 workpiece carriers, from which 5 workpiece carriers are assigned to each individual middle module.



Operating instruction

Workpiece carrier

Workpiece carriers in the sizes:


  • 100mm x 120mm (driving direction)
  • 180mm x 120mm (driving direction)



The workpiece carriers are rigidly connected to the high-precision tooted belt and are made of aluminium.